As warmer weather approaches, and Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co. continues to grow, we are also looking to expand our Hatchet Hikes Online Guide. We invite all avid hikers, backpackers, day hikers, campers, writers, photographers, and everyone else with a love of nature, to submit their own original trail photographs and write-ups for publication on our website.

We are primarily looking for hikes within a few hours drive or train ride from New York City. Hikes within a few hours of Los Angeles are also needed. These hikes can range from leisurely nature walks, to more strenuous multi-day trips. All difficulty levels are welcome.

Feel free to be creative with your writing style. Our goal is to create trail guides that aren’t only mileage and direction, but to compile a collection of guides that contain a unique creative aspect, guides that could be read around a campfire or read for inspiration. There is an incredible amount of history written into the mountains and forest that surround us, and many times our favorite hikes have backstories that go far beyond what we can see.

Photographs are equally important. As with the writing, feel free to be creative with your photos. Often the pictures are what complete the guides, providing what words can not.

Any hiker whose submission is accepted will receive  40% off their next in-store or online purchase (up to $250).

We are also offering photo credit, along with 15% off your next in-store or online purchase (up to $250) for submitted photographs containing any Hatchet Outdoor Supply products, or products purchased from our store, which we can then post on our social media pages.

All submissions, photographs, and questions can be emailed to:

We look forward to reading all of your submissions, and being able to share our passion for the outdoors with others!


Thank you,
Matthew Young & the Hatchet Supply Team




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